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Helping You Make Choices


In Life Choice's Women's Health Center, we listen to women.  We want to know how you feel, what your needs are. We provide resources and 

real help to women who need to make choices. Are you wondering- Am I pregnant?

We will provide you with accurate pregnancy testing and abortion counseling when you need to make choices. Always, all the accurate, up-to-date information you will need to make decisions about

pregnancy and sexual health

Considering Abortion?

Our Doctors say the best first step is to come in for a viability test. Since, 1 out of 5 unplanned pregnancies ends in miscarriage, or a doctor would say is a non-viable pregnancy. And Since Abortion always has some risk for the woman. Before you make any decision you need to know if your pregnancy is viable.  We provide this testing free of charge and give you
immediate results. 

Test Accuracy

Why Not use over the counter pregnancy tests? Life Choices women's Health Center makes certain that tests are stored at proper temperature.  We do quality control tests on each batch. We carefully follow CLIA testing procedure. "Home" pregnancy tests are much more likely to give false results.
You need to know.

We are here to assure you!